One-of-a-Kind Because You Are

Author: Anna Leighton

Phil Stern

I really love LA, born here, raised here- I’m so lucky,- it is really the City of Angels, or the City of Artists- Angeles/Artists- same thing. Went to the Phil Stern gallery last night- I have been seeing his photographs all my life, but never […]

Changing the definition of an artist, actually going back to it

I was here:

Now I am here:

Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. I know what being in the closet feels like. Although I am not gay, I know what it is like to be someone who has to hide who they are to make others more comfortable- the result has never […]


So in my explorations forgiveness comes up a lot- and I am finding that it really is what can set us free. It is the foundation of peace and love, because without it we can’t really embrace peace and love. I can’t be bitter and […]

Boy’s tee

Here’s an organic cotton boy’s tee, with an appliqued kimono fabric with a leopard printed on top I made for a friend that I think I will offer for the holidays.



Steve Jobs

He died today. He was only 56. He did so much.