The Forgiveness Parade by Jeffrey McDaniel

There’s nothing like a full moon reflected in the eyes of a blind man using a telescope to stir a bowl of Russian alphabet soup for the cosmonauts who orbited the shadow of Jupiter and are landing in an ocean of tears shed by cold 

Turning Japanesian

My life has been full of messages and signs that I will be sharing on my site in the weeks to come. I was always drawn to Japanese culture- I had my first kimono before I could walk, our beloved neighbor Debbie Cutler gave it 

How Annatarian Came To Be And More

I believe that we all have the answers, know what we love, and what our passion is when we are young, but somehow we lose the burning desire- or it gets diminished over time because we listen to others rather than listening to our guts- 

Dance in front of a live studio audience

I  danced in front of an audience for the first time this past Sunday- The intention of the dance, which is not choreographed or rehearsed, is to be present and feel every movement- and not be tempted to “perform” because people are watching.  It is 

Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. I know what being in the closet feels like. Although I am not gay, I know what it is like to be someone who has to hide who they are to make others more comfortable- the result has never 


So in my explorations forgiveness comes up a lot- and I am finding that it really is what can set us free. It is the foundation of peace and love, because without it we can’t really embrace peace and love. I can’t be bitter and 

Steve Jobs

He died today. He was only 56. He did so much.