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This is the year that I will diligently confront my issues. Taking action over and over and over and over is they key. Awareness, breathe and being conscious and in the now will enable me to make the positive changes I need and want in my life, and in the world.
I will remind myself of my goals throughout the day, when I am feeling good and less than good. All of my emotions are welcome, and I will look at all of them with love and compassion. I will ask for help and guidance. I will use my Seven Wishes Bracelet as a tool- I have created it not just as a product to sell, but as something to help me- I see that I have created what I needed. I am a teacher of love and a student of love. I have a lot to teach, I have a lot to learn. I am open. I am loved. I am in flow with love energy.
I am a bright shining ball of light that is pure love energy. Yup- and so it is.