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So in my explorations forgiveness comes up a lot- and I am finding that it really is what can set us free. It is the foundation of peace and love, because without it we can’t really embrace peace and love. I can’t be bitter and angry here, and loving there, hating here and peaceful there- maybe on the surface, or maybe to certain degrees, but to the degree that will change the world?  – no- not even to the degree that it will change my life for the better. Life remains static if I continue to be angry here and try to smile and be try to be successful there- I really don’t think it works. I think it’s all lies when we do that. All I want is to be happy, and how can I if I hold resentment, and anger, and shame? If I want to make positive changes in my life I have to look at my unforgiving parts, explore them, and release them. I know to be happy I need to love myself, be peace, and I need to start with forgiveness- Forgiveness is the doorway to happiness. I think I am ready to to go through it this time.