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Just got back from seeing “A Separation” at The Royal. Set in Iran with a universal message, I loved how this thing that happens between people, and within ourselves was fully captured in the film. It’s the stubbornness, it’s the way we are unable to communicate or even recognize what our hearts really want- it’s the walls we have built up, it’s these engrained patterns from our past, our upbringing, our culture, religion- that stops us from just being and living from our hearts.
It was a great reminder for me-that even though certain things are “normal” in society, in my family, in my background, these rules that dominate my mind- prevent me being me, and they are harmful.
I want to express my heart’s desire- always- when my ego is unrelenting and wants justice, I want my heart to break through and embrace love. When my mind is thinking about what “they will say” because “it is not the way” – I will feel the trust of my true self burst forth and I will follow that truth. I will be and the walls of lies built centuries ago, decades ago, seconds ago will vanish like they always do.