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Anna says:

“I like to think of myself as the fairy godmother right before the princess needs to go to the ball. I wave my magic wand, or needle and thread, and allow her light to shine through what I create”

What some of  her clients are saying:

“Thank you so much for saving me on Sunday.  Your skillful eye and non-anxiety made me feel I was in expert hands.”  MF 

“Grammy Lifesaver! Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work, generosity and great last minute designs. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for going above and beyond and pulling it all together for me. I can’t wait to have another occasion to call you for. This time…way in advance. Everyone loves the story of the two dress Grammy outfit. Big Kiss.” LD

“Anna made me a dress for a Christmas Party. The color teal was beyond beautiful and the detail was amazing. She knows how to hide a gals flaws and accentuate the good and she collaborates well. I got compliments galore!”  AH

 “Thank you so much for the dress!  I looked amazing! I loved it” JC

“Thank you so much for the beautiful dress. I’m so grateful ” JG

“Thank you so much for dressing me with your dresses for New York last week. Your designs are so beautiful and I love your ideas!  I definitely have you in mind for future events.” CI

“Your beautiful dress was a huge hit!  People loved it!  It sparkled on camera and  my co-workers said it was the best dress I’ve worn in a dozen years covering the Academy Awards. And, I was comfortable!  
Thank you so very much. “ CW

 “I keep thinking about how awesome my dress is!  You rock!  Your are the best and I’m so grateful for you!”  CS

Love the dresses!  Thank you!!! CP

“Anna designed my wedding dress and that was not a small feat. I am a journalist who has covered fashion shows in Milan, Paris, NYC and London and so I am very critical of design. Anna is the designer to watch!” ZA

“My girlfriend wears clothing and jewelry designed by Anna – the jewelry she wears almost every day. And Anna was the clothing designer on a film I recently worked on. She’s great to work with, and has a totally innovative and beautiful aesthetic.” AT

 “Anna creates the most beautiful clothes — all from vintage materials. I love the fact she puts good things to use but it’s the creativity of her clothes that also shows her talents. Owning one of her pieces is really special to me.” NM

 “Anna is a key player in both the Los Angeles and international eco-fashion scenes. Her one-of-a-kind dresses make women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful, all the while not sacrificing her commitment and caring for our planet.” VK        

 “Thank you for creating my dream dress! You’ve made my dreams come true!” N.C. Nevada

“The dresses were magical. Everyone loved them.  I felt all your beautiful energy running through the dresses. Thank you again for your work. It was not just the designs and the material, but the lovely light energy that you infuse into every sitch. I consider our dresses priceless!” Christina Powers Pasadena, CA

 “The dress is breathtaking and it fits perfectly! My mom started to cry because of how beautiful the dress is, and how it is truly a resemblance of who I am. Thank you for the adorable bracelets! You are a very talented and special lady, wishing you blessings and happiness!” H. S. Florida

“I got the dress on Friday and went home and immediately tried it on. It’s gorgeous and it fits perfectly. I don’t think I’m going to need anything to be altered because it’s pretty much perfect just the way it is! I love it and am very excited to wear it in a few weeks!” Monika Singh Chicago,IL

 ” The dress is gorgeous!  It is “the one”! I’m just so happy! ” B.F. San Francisco, CA

“Thank you so much for your work and help!  It was really neat to have another pair of eyes, who really saw how to put things together in a new way. Great meeting you!  I’ve worn two of the full outfits you help me put together. It felt great!” E.B. Santa Monica, CA