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Just like the dresses, Annatarian’s eco-accessories are about positive change. The one-of-a-kind jewelry collection called “Peace Is Of Me”  is a part of the PeaceLoveEarth Jewelry line which is, as Anna puts it “about documenting and discovery through the reassembly of my past” Each piece comes with a card of what is used to be, what memory Anna has behind it, and what new idea has come forth from it as it has been reassembled. Below the pics are what is says in the card.

Another part of the PeaceLoveEarth Jewelry line is the Seven Wishes Bracelet which was created by Anna’s desire to her make positive changes in her own life and to be reminded of her goals with something to wear. She combined that desire with her favorite Armenian family tradition of tying seven knots in a string bracelet, and The Seven Wishes Bracelet was born! The recycled sterling silver charm necklaces are also part of the PeaceLoveEarth collection. All made in Los Angeles, California.

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