The Forgiveness Parade by Jeffrey McDaniel

There’s nothing like a full moon reflected in the eyes of a blind man
using a telescope to stir a bowl of Russian alphabet soup
for the cosmonauts who orbited the shadow of Jupiter
and are landing in an ocean of tears
shed by cold blooded murderers who miss their mothers convulsively
in their prison cells being wheeled caravan-style down Oswald Boulevard
as part of the Forgiveness Parade where relatives of the victims
stand quietly holding banners like ‘Apology Accepted’ as the vandals
stumble past in shackles followed by the hijackers and the pickpockets who
march single file up the fire escape of a skyscraper built by arsonists.

I love this poem- I can totally see this happening- the parade would be part of a new “Healing Day” holiday- this would be a great Kickstarter project- Raise $ to campaign for a new holiday based on healing for all mankind!- it wouldn’t be religious- it would encompass everyone on Earth.

1 thought on “The Forgiveness Parade by Jeffrey McDaniel”

  • Awesome Anna!!!
    Dream BIG and one day peeps will see that your vision above IS reality and what they think is reality is really a dream!

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